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Collaborations Between the Entertainment Sectors and the Gaming Industry

Gaming Industry and Entertainment Sectors Collaborations

Due to COVID-19, some of the biggest events in 2020 have been cancelled, including countless sports and music events. However, this has given rise to the era of live music concerts on video games, allowing performers to collate and partner with game developers and publishers. Such opportunities allow gaming businesses to earn profit, through in-game purchases as well as the purchase of subscriptions to the game, and music artists to gain publicity for upcoming projects. 

A record-breaking example of a live music concert was hosted by rapper Travis Scott, on the popular gaming platform of Fortnite. This concert garnered more than 27 million users through Fortnite as well as different streaming platforms. Unsurprisingly, when Scott’s single was released after the concert, it stood at number 1 on all popular music streaming platforms. After looking at this huge success, several artists followed suit including electronic music DJ Marshmallow and K-Pop band BTS. 

This unusual collaboration between the music and gaming industries has allowed artists and performers to attract an audience that is different as compared to those who would normally attend their usual events. Furthermore, this new partnership between these two industries has allowed games like Fortnight to add a non-violent edge to their games, by introducing concert stages and theatre spaces. These virtual arenas let players meet others, listen to music, and watch whatever is playing, without trying to attack them. 

However, one can question whether this success will continue into the post-pandemic future. And the answer is yes. Video game concerts enable people of all demographics to attend events right from their homes, no matter where in the world it is located. Furthermore, it is no doubt that many cannot afford unreasonably expensive concert tickets. As for performers, Minecraft has given opportunities to small-scale performers to host concerts, providing them with collaboration opportunities and a chance to promote their music to international users. 

Another potential industry that can be added to this partnership is that of e-sports. Several event managers for e-sports are planning to invite famous artists to perform at half-time shows. The collision of these industries is beneficial not only to game developers, artists, and e-sports players but rather also users. When analyzing trends, it was found that Toronto Raptors basketball fans were more likely to be fans of Call of Duty. Similar data mining strategies could be used to find the genre of music these fans like to listen to. With the use of data mining, analyzing players’ moves and strategies, and hosting collaborative events on games, there is a long future ahead for the gaming industry.      

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